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Music and welding go hand in hand. Middle school age is a very impressionable age. We believe that around age 12  and up is the time when kids begin to consider what they want for their future, develop their perspective on life.  Now is the time to expose them to as many different programs in different fields of interest as well as encouraging them to seek resources that can enhance public education. You can never have too much knowledge or great experiences!

Weld Like a Girl

Speech-Language Pathologists Takes a Welding Class and Talks About here fears and how she overcame them.

Make-and-take project based welding classes are available at Crider Welding Institute, Kansas City, MO. 

Horseshoe Pumpkin

Make-and-take Horseshoe pumpkin. There is no limit to what you can do with welding. Make and sell home decor pieces for a hobby or build America's infrastructures. You can travel the world!!!!   

Welding Song

Welding song,welding song,welding song, this is my welding song...

When I weld, I put two pieces of metal together, finally...

That's where they need to be, finally..

It is like a marriage, two become one...

Weld Like a Girl

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