Works By Hurst | Local Kansas City Welding Company | Spends Time Teaching His Daughter to Weld

Our friend Jason Hurst at Works by Hurst shared some of his pictures and video with us spending the day welding with his daughter. What a cute father-daughter duo. I can't wait to meet Evie and do a little welding with her!! See his work HERE Facebook HERE

Jason Hurst from Works By HA Hurst Spends Some One-On-One Time Welding With His Daughter, Evie. 

Jason Hurst from Works By HA Hurst Spends Some One-On-One Time Welding With His Daughter, Evie. 

Follow Jason Hurst on YouTube Here

Follow Jason Hurst on YouTube Here

They Call Her Barbie The Welder

Barbie The Welder wrote into us to share with what inspired her to become a metal artist. I absolutely love her story. She has had struggles and still sees the positive finish. For anyone that has ever started a business, you will know exacttly what she is talking about. Sometimes it can be scarey, you sacrifice everything to one day have a business that will provide for your and give you the freedom to spend more time with your family. I have been in her shoes a few times myself, trying to stay above water but somehow it always works out you just have to keep doing and creating!!! Most of all Belief in yourself and doing the work is how you get there. And you must always take away the good things and transform the things that didn't work the way you planned with more precision and just keep trying!!!! 

Here is what she has to say

Seeing the woman welding giant angel wings in the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks spoke to my soul and I knew it was my life mission to weld art. It took me nine months to save for tuition and into 2007 I was able to enroll in an adult welding class. In  2008 I was hired at a custom fabrication shop in my hometown where I worked for four years and was able to fix my credit and save to purchase a home with a  garage. 2011, I purchased my home and nine months later I had saved enough to purchase the welders and equipment I needed to open my studio. I quickly went to work designing and creating anything I could think of. I left the fabrication job that I loved, to work for myself full-time in September 2014. To date, I've created sculptures for clients and eight different countries and have sculptures on display in three New York art galleries. My book, horseshoe Crafts-30 Projects You Can Weld At Home, is scheduled to be published in August 2017, it is available for preorder now. I love to teach and help people thrive so my YouTube channel, BarbieTheWelder, features "How To" videos for welders and entrepreneurs. 

I live and work from my home in Erin, New York where I am saving up for property so I can build a big girl welding studio. When I started my journey my only goal was to create art and provide for my sons, but along the way, my goals have grown. Today my goals are to share my passion for creating sculpture by opening a school for what I call non-traditional arts, create my own line of work wear for women, design my own line of 4x4 accessories, design my own line of furniture, and inspire people all around the world to create a life around what makes them passionate! 

You asked me to tell you what I do in my spare time but I don't have any! Being a full-time artist I have worked 18 hours a day 7 days a week for the last 5 years to keep my head above water. It has been very difficult and I have come close to financial ruin several times but it won't be like this forever! There is no better feeling than that of hard work paying off!! I do live the life of my dreams every day! I wake up in the morning excited to get out into my shop and create. Being a full-time artist/entrepreneur is not for everyone but I will say that my worst day working for myself is still better than my best day working for someone else!

Make sure you check out her book! Perfect for hobby welding as well as project ideas to sell t craft shows or even online. 

Click HERE to visit her website.

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Laela Holden | Owner/Operator DUGZ Enterprises | Welder

Meet Laela!!! This girl has got some talent! Like many of the stories that get emailed to us, the women seem to have a few things in common, but the one that sticks out the most is that they all have diverse backgrounds, welding is just one of their talents. The other thing I have noticed is that they are women who execute and let nothing get in their way, very determined!! 

Here is what Laela has to say:  BTW I love her current workshop feminine and industrial!!

This is hard for me to put down in words but I shall try...

I tried to decide if I would keep this part of your email, but then I thought... I appreciate her putting herself out there, and I realize there may be other people who want to tell their story but like you said to know how to put it into words was hard. Maybe you will encourage someone else. You did awesomely and thank you ~ WLAG

I started out in construction as a utility worker in 1997. Single mom of 1 little girl. Climbing utility poles an doing cable tv linesman work because I couldn't earn enough w only a GED to support us. For 10 years I worked in a 99.9% male environment and had experienced some of the worst sexist employers and employees ever.  Lost a couple of jobs from refusing to "perform" their expectations. It made me quite tough and rough. My humor is pretty aggressive and at times questionable.  But I tell everyone I'm like a guy.  🤣🤣 I got into underground utility locating for the next 8 years which was an exciting and highly technical job but very detrimental for my back. Lifting steel vault street covers weighing upwards of 200 lbs for years caused sever disc injury.  So I quit that industry to start my DUGZ cap company.  

This has been an amazing journey. I never had much interest in the welding world until I got to know so many amazing people on Instagram.  I see so much potential beyond what I could have imagined and have gotten to know a lot of people quite well. I have been welding myself since June-July 2016. You have only made a few things including a cart for my first new Miller welder purchase ...(I do have two other very old millers I use for side work that I've been doing for people)  and an anvil from a piece of scrap RR track. Built my ship stand.  I have a shop now that's only 5' wide by 14' long that is also my old sewing room from the cap business.  Learning to do so many things is exciting.  And I love my cap business because I have so much in common with my customers being blue collar my whole life. I love making caps for people all over the world and seeing their posts when they get them.  I have been doing it for 6 years. I hope to continue my welding and fabricating and building my fab shop in the near future along w expanding the DUGZ empire to keep all my amazing customers happy and protected.   I currently don't have a website fully running but have Instagram and Facebook for all my sales and marketing so far, and that has exceeded my expectations for customer communication.  

If you would like to place an order with Laela you can do so here follow her on Instagram AND Facebook