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Weld Like a Girl is for women and men of all ages and background to draw inspiration from the content that is created and shared. Our brand is about welding, skilled trades, and creativity. We want to inspire you to create a life that you not only dream of but achieve. This platform is about optimizing your life to its full potential. Weld like a Girl + Industrious Co. is a place to express your passion for welding, skilled trades, ask questions, and share your inspiring stories. We are men and women with class; we are skilled, qualified and passionate about our trade. Most of all we want to encourage you to be anything you want to be or aspire to be. We want to lead our youth to pursue the spark to create a flame by edging out each dream they seek. Exemplifying that there is no ceiling on dreams or knowledge, that a person only becomes refined and seasoned by dreaming, pursuing, doing and obtaining as much experience as possible.

Michelle Villalobos is the founder of The Industrious CO, LLC, and Weld Like a Girl. Her journey in the welding industry began in 1999 where she attended and graduated from Missouri Welding Institute. Michelle has 17-years field experience as a pipe welder, and three years as a quality control manager. She has been involved in the startup of developing a quality control program for a gas and oil pipeline shop as well as managing the department and preparing audit documentation for major oil companies. Michelle has successful experience in developing procedures, instruction and documentation for her former employer to become ISO 9001:2008. Michelle has spoken at local community colleges about nontraditional jobs for women, was a member of the AWS Advisory Board for KCKCC, she has also had the pleasure of receiving a visit from Nancy Cole the Elected 2013 President and Chair of the Board of the American Welding Society, in 2013. One of Michelle’s favorite events to participate in was her role as a judge at SkillsUSA 2013.  For the past four years, Michelle has watched her dreams that she began documenting and planning since 2009 unfold before her eyes.  Her original idea has grown into more than she ever imagined.

Michelle continues her education today to expand her original dream as far as she can. She is partnering with several companies and schools to form a community where those seeking knowledge about the industry will have a platform to do just that.


Weld Like a Girl is owned and operated by The Industrious Co. LLC

{Characterized by hard work and perseverance.}


Our Mission 

The Industrious Co. believes that by helping construction companies, trade schools, and field inspection programs tell their story and provide relevant content for their audience, gives transparency in the construction sector. Therefore, companies seeking out skilled trade professionals in a particular industry can learn more about a company that is being considered for a bid or contract. We also feel this will provide valuable content to people who are considering a trade as a career. Those who have no influences such as friends or family that are tradesman can now have several different social platforms to get a better look at the industry they are considering or possibly never knew existed. Weld Like a Girl and The Industrious Co. together create a joint effort to reach one goal, that is to form a camaraderie in the field of construction.

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Michelle With 2013 Elected AWS President, Nancy Cole.